Saturday, 28 March 2009

Long eared Owl Project on BBC1 Countryfile

Watch BBC1 on Sunday 29th March at 1100hrs, you will see Otus and myself on the programme talking about the Long-eared Owls and their conservation.
This was recorded last Tuesday on the Mendip Hills with John Craven.

Sorry I have not been blogging for a while, but I'm trying to finish off projects before the end of March, and then start new ones. I will try and give a more in depth update when I have time.

Here's some pictures of John Craven, Otus and myself during the filming.

I have to say John Craven is a real professional, really nice gentleman, showing a genuine interest and understanding of the natural world, and he really was the easiest person to work with, yet incredibly creative. I know many of you will say "so, that's what he is like on screen".

If you re reading this John, hope to work with you again soon.

Don't forget all you BBC Countryfile fans, the show is moving to its new time slot after this Sundays programme, to Sunday evenings, 1900hrs on BBC1 for one hour.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

By request: A recorded jam, me playing two guitars, but not at once

Yes here it is, as requested by more than one of you! I recorded this in about half an hour. I have called it "Muck About" as that is what it was. Made up on the spot so to speak. The two guitars I'm playing are the 6 string part of the CSL double neck, and a Fender squire strat. I know the piece is total over indulgence but hey what would you except, when let loose with a drum machine 16 track recorder and 2 guitars. Its a bit long but your hearing it as recorded no editing at all.

Lizzie Brown "Singer" has agreed to do some serious recording with me, this as soon as we both have 5 mins, and hopefully you will hear us play live again, as soon as Kenton returns for Brazil which is supposed to be sometime in May.

Next blog entry from me will be about the Long eared Owl survey currently taking place in Somerset.