Monday, 14 June 2010

Forest surveys phase 2

Now is the time for calling Long-eared owlets, and last week I was on Blackdown and Exmoor, no Leo's were heard which was disappointing especially as there was some great habitat at Culm Davey on Blackdown and Wooton Courtney and Croydon Hill both on Exmoor. However we did have some birds to survey, and of course great company from Andy Harris and Boyd Hay from the Forestry Commission. Below is a picture of a very proud Boyd with the Yellowhammer he found.

And of course the real thing within the forest at Croydon hill, note the insect prey meaning it was feeding young. All in all there was around 15 singing Yellowhammers in this one area of forest.

Once again we found that Goldcrest numbers were very good indeed, along with Song Thrush and the number of Cuckoos within the forest areas is well worth a mention.

Tuesday I'm due to arrive on Bodmin and will once again be teaming up with members of the Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society, later in the week its over to Dartmoor and in both areas we hope we will be reporting back some good news.


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