Monday, 14 June 2010

Better than !!! Long eared Owlet! Yes!

OK its not the best picture of young Long-eared owl you will ever see, but for me it is the best!
It was nearly dark the camera was cranked up to the highest ISO setting speed set on 10th Sec, and so for me yet again this 7D did its job in what seemed almost darkness. Seeing these 2 owlets for me is better than scoring the goal that wins the world cup for England even better than --- Oh yes I'm so happy!!!! Also as from Tuesday we will be on Bodmin looking for more and then on Dartmoor, now I can't wait, I love this planet......



Cherry Barlow said...

Given the light levels this photo was taken in I think its pretty fantastic - I wish Id taken it..

Stevie Evans ( owler ) said...

So its fair to say you're happy then . . .?

Well done Chris - keep 'em coming !

(we're having a late year for'em up here)

Good hunting

Gaina said...

Considering the lack of light you had to work with I think the lack of noise is stunning!

I'm getting very excited about Acton Court now, I do hope the weather holds up! **fingers crossed**

Chris Sperring said...

Thanks All. I have got some recordings of Leo babes from this year so will put them up when we I have time