Sunday, 19 April 2009

The return of Jemima Parry Jones

Jemima Parry-Jones MBE and Red Kite

A couple of weeks ago, we had an official Hawk and Owl Trust visit to the International Centre for Birds Of Prey I remember as a young naturalist being inspired by the original owner and founder the great Falconer Philip Glasier who would give his time freely during our visits to talk with me, mainly about wildlife and in particular wild owls.
As most people know the centre was taken over by his daughter Jemima Parry-Jones MBE, then JPJ left to conquer the U.S.A. Now before this story gets too complicated lets bring it up to date. Now Jemima is back at the Newent location she sold just a few years ago.
It was really good to see her back home doing what she does best! During one of three flying displays JPJ apologised to the audience for the fact the centre had only been re opened since February so Birds flying were not yet fully fit. Now folks I have seen some flying displays in my time, and all the birds did very well indeed, in particular the last Falcon which was the best Lanner Falcon flying I had seen for many years. So Mima, if you are reading this, if that's below par I can't wait to see the real thing! People often ask me where they can see the best flying displays and I always used to say Newent with JPJ or Ashley Smith at Hawk Conservancy, Weyhill, Wilts. Now I can say it again with pride and know that no one will be let down.

Welcome back Mima you have been missed!
Here is the link again to the website if you want a great day out with Birds of Prey whether you are taking pictures or genuinely interested in the art of Falconry and of course Bird of Prey conservation you will not be let down, get yourself off to Newent a.s.a.p.

I took lots of pictures so here are just a few.


Gaina said...

Love photos, Chris :). I still haven't been up there despite living so close for 15 years! Must rectify that.

The link to the Hawk and Owl trust appeared to be broken and I kept getting a 'Page Load Error' in my browser.

I 'googled' it and found the URL was without the 'trust' in the URL.


Chris Sperring said...

Hi Gaina. You are right, seems I typed in the wrong link, will sort that out now.

Thanks for the photo comments. Flying displays like this are a great test, and to some may sound easy, but I reckon a wild bird is easier.

Hope you manage to get up to see the Birds of Prey Centre soon, weather is great for flying displays at the moment.


Monteen McCord said...


Mima was dealt a very bad deal during her stint in the US and I'm so glad to see her back home in Newent where she belongs. I visited her facility about 10 years ago and it was an incredible experience. Newent is a great little town with bed and breakfast inns and it's a short drive to her place.

Please help support her endeavors....m.

Chris Sperring said...

Monteen. Great comment.

We had the best, the USA got the best and the best came home.
Of course we will support Mima, as much as we can. BTW the center looks brilliant!

cathy hovath said...

Hi Chris , My name is Cathy . I live in new york in the usa . I am inspired by Jemima ,I even named my beautiful red tailed hawk that I us for falconry after her . Her video taught me how to tie a falconer's knot on the first try . And how to fly a bird of prey . I am emmbarassed by the discusting treatment such a brilliant person like Jemima had to deal with . It was and is so very shameful. Sometimes people are threatened by others that know more or are so awesomely talented . I only with that I could have shaken her hand and thanked her for all that she has taught me . I feel like I know her . She is such a real down to earth person . They broke the mold on her ! Thank you ...Cathy