Saturday, 28 March 2009

Long eared Owl Project on BBC1 Countryfile

Watch BBC1 on Sunday 29th March at 1100hrs, you will see Otus and myself on the programme talking about the Long-eared Owls and their conservation.
This was recorded last Tuesday on the Mendip Hills with John Craven.

Sorry I have not been blogging for a while, but I'm trying to finish off projects before the end of March, and then start new ones. I will try and give a more in depth update when I have time.

Here's some pictures of John Craven, Otus and myself during the filming.

I have to say John Craven is a real professional, really nice gentleman, showing a genuine interest and understanding of the natural world, and he really was the easiest person to work with, yet incredibly creative. I know many of you will say "so, that's what he is like on screen".

If you re reading this John, hope to work with you again soon.

Don't forget all you BBC Countryfile fans, the show is moving to its new time slot after this Sundays programme, to Sunday evenings, 1900hrs on BBC1 for one hour.


Gaina said...

Wow, I've never seen a Long Eared Owl and I didn't realise they were so small :). I will try to remember to watch that tomorrow.

Chris Sperring said...

Hi Gaina.
Otus was the star. I really think he enjoyed being in the forest. The countryfile team were really very good, and never once asked of him to do anything other than look like a Long-eared Owl.
Females are slightly bigger, but really not very noticiable.

If Jenny H is reading this, Jenny will tell you how she trained Otus's sister. I think her name was spelt Miar, (is that right Jenny)?

Jenny Holden said...

Yep, I'm reading :o) Saw this, good job!

Mia was a little darling. I miss her, but I'm sure she's just fine. I got Otus on the glove for you too! Is he flying? Mia would fly for me but no one else. I used a different whistle for bits of chicken or mice. Some days she wouldn't bother taking off until she heard the mouse whistle!

Chris Sperring said...

Thanks for that Jen. No Otus is not flying, but very busy at the moment. Rumour has it that Otus is in love.