Sunday, 5 October 2008

World On the Move BBC Radio 4 Series: Jays

The local woodlands are full of the sounds of Jays at the moment, with their characteristic almost electronic sounding call. This colorful member of the Crow family is suddenly much more numerous as it goes in search for nuts and berries. Its well worth a mention in context with the BBC Radio 4 series World On The Move, because U.K numbers are boosted at this time of the year by Jays from the European continent. I heard only yesterday from a colleague that early departure of Jays from northern Europe has been caused by some very dry conditions earlier on the Summer (well they were lucky), this though may have lead to early nuts failing, forcing Jays out and onto U.K shores earlier than normal. Jays in the UK feed on a variety of food from carrion to seed, nuts and Insects. They are very difficult to find when you have a Camera with you, however this one in local woods was very obliging. Unfortunately this picture does the Jay no justice at all, as I always think of this bird as so incredibly well marked for the family it belongs too. Very stunning bird when you see them really close up. Don't forget the programme goes out on BBC Radio 4 Tuesday at1100hrs. Or to listen again go to the World On The Move website. Sorry but as far as I'm aware Jays are not in the programme but certainly well worth a mention here.


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