Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Taunton Libary Event 08/09/08

Today I did a stand up lecture in Taunton Library. I must say it was great to see so many people leave this lecture smiling. There is so much gloom and doom in the media at the moment with all the economic uncertainty etc. I did set myself an objective to see smiling faces leaving at the end, and I think it worked. Apparently there was a lot of people at this lecture which the organissers described as one of the best attended, which is good. My message as always in nature conservation is the "never say die" attitude. I went to a lecture recently concerning wildlife conservation in U.K, were the presenter was giving such a gloomy message you could almost see people in the audience, themselves giving up. No seriously everyone listen, there are some great things happening in this country and when you can pack out a Library hall in the middle of the day on a Thursday with the message of hope, and watch people going away inspired, and smiling, with a will of doing something about it. Then it ain't over its actually just beginning. I say this with proof, as so many of the people stayed behind afterwards to talk to me about how they could help, and also some land owners were there offering their hectares of land for me to visit, and advice them how to manage it better for wildlife.

My thanks to the organisers of this event at Taunton Library. I really did enjoy the whole session and the chats to everyone afterwards, and of course thanks must go to Somerset County Council as well.

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