Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tenons The Environmental Network North Somerset

Last Saturday: I had a great afternoon at the Tenon green event in the town quarry Weston-S-Mare. This was a great day for everyone, which was incredibly well attended (in fact packed).
I did two talks over the loud speaker system, to which my message was for everyone to get involved with Wildlife Conservation within their own area, and that we can make a difference (sorry I don't like the messages from the doom and gloom merchants, as where there's life there's always hope). Present also at this event were representative of already very successful local wildlife groups. This is local people taking direct action for nature conservation within their own areas. It was great to see families coming along to event like this, which really did bridge the gap between green environment issues and nature conservation. For once it felt that when I was doing my two lectures I was not preaching to the converted but talking to new people. I was proud to have been apart of this event and I do really hope they invite me back next year. Well done to the organisers, brilliant event!

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