Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Peregrine Falcon

Its funny when I think back to the days when to see a Peregrine Falcon I would have to travel up in to mid Wales or join the crowds at Symonds Yat. I was walking close to home yesterday in the early evening, a lone Peregrine was out on patrol. Slowly gliding effortlessly over the local woodlands. The classic long pointed wing of this big Falcon clearly observed. After the woodlands it flew lower to the ground across the open fields. Something above it had caught its eye, as suddenly it turned on its speed, but this was the opposite of a dive as this bird was going straight up. This was an incredible bit of flying from low rate gliding low to the ground to sudden top speed flying striaght up, this bird was fit.

With binoculars I could make out what was of so much interest, and that was another Peregrine. This one was making its way north to south, indeed if it were not for the first Peregrine I would have never have noticed the second. The first Peregrine closed in, as the second now began moving at speed, but it was trying to get away from the first. The first Peregrine reached a height above the second then dived at it. No sooner had the aerial battle started then it was over as the second Peregrine disappeared from view. The first Peregrine then turned back, but this time kept its height and continued on its patrol. These are the mighty hunters of the Bird of Prey world. Most people rave at watching their aerial hunting skills others however misunderstand them because they are hunters. I think its inspiring that in the year 2008 when we have so much doom and gloom in the conservation world here is bird which has recovered well and become successful after many years of repeated persecution. In my opinion there is only one other Bird of Prey that beats the Peregrine for aerial skill and that's the Hobby!
Enjoy your local wildlife watching.


Jenny Holden said...

Superb bird :o)

Chris Sperring said...

Thanks Jen. Hows the sheep?