Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year to all. Portishead Celebrates The New Year .

Happy New Year to all my friends where ever you are on the Earth!  I hope everything you wish for and would like to do in 2011 comes true for you.  For me 2011 marks my 20th year working as Conservation Officer for the Hawk and Owl Trust.  It will be probably be the hardest year yet because of the austerity measures our U.K government is implementing. But then for everyone in wildlife conservation and the wider community its going to be very tuff indeed.  I will be working on Barn Owls and Tawny Owls through the latter stages of winter, hopefully some of these projects will be able to spill across into spring when the main nest checking season starts.
The media work will continue as well, with some possible interesting projects coming in mid to late 2011.
So once again happy new year to you all, and I will leave you with these pictures I took of the town of Portishead in North Somerset, England, celebrating the stroke of midnight that ended 2010 and brought in 2011.  BFN


Friend of HK said...

Happy New Year To You Too !

Gaina said...

Happy New Year Chris :). I'm looking forward to another Year with the Hawk and Owl Trust. Hopefully I will be able to get even more involved now that I'm completely free with my time :D.

Angie said...

Happy New Year to you.