Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hawk and Owl Trust Open Day Acton court

This was a huge event for the Hawk and Owl Trust. Those people that put this event together need the biggest pat on the back, along with all the volunteers that helped make it all run so well on the day. There was a large number of people present. The flying displays were carried out by the one and only Jemima Parry Jones MBE, and wow did her birds and of course Mima really perform well, I think its fair to say there is no one anywhere that can deliver a full on the spot talk and fly Birds of Prey so efficiently at the same time, I feel sure this is a female thing as it was full on multi-tasking.
Here are some pictures I took of the day, sadly not a lot as I was just a bit busy. Apart from the flying, there was face painting, bug hunting, pond dipping (well there was supposed to be but the hot weather meant the pond had dried up) On my last wildlife walk there was over 150 people that came out with me, and they really did enjoy become as one with Voles, and watching Ringlet and Marbled White Butterflies.
JPJ's Great Horned Owlet
Lanner in action at Acton Court
Lanner descending at speed towards JPJ's lure

The long snake of people enjoying my wildlife walk

And thank you Gaina, who did a brilliant job on the raffle such a success. Meanwhile its now back out in the field and more Barn Owl nest checking this week.



Gaina said...

Aww, you're more than welcome I had a lovely day :).

Did anyone tell you what happened to my Mum? She fell out of the car when they got to Acton (her bag got caught round her ankle as she got out) and she's now on one of my crutches (got a hell of a bruise, but nothing broken thank goodness!).

My Dad fell in love with Caramel the Barn Owl :).

See at the flower show on 31st!

batty persona said...

Playing hunt the pond when Gill and I arrived was interesting - just glad we lobbed the sweep net and stuff in the car! The Avon Bat Group display did quite well - lots of interest include one new member.

Cherry Barlow said...

Brilliant day out and great value -JPJ gave a fasinating talk on the plight of the 'Vultures in India' as well as an excellent Falconry display - Chris Sperring did a fantastic job,engaging the crowd who hung on his every word..