Saturday, 20 February 2010

Quantock Long-eared Owl Survey Latest (Short update)

Team Quantock, including Boyd Hay (FC) extreme left, Andy Harris Centre (AONB/FC) and Ian Porter (AONB) Right from Vehicle, and Amanda Jollife (HOT Trustee) between Ian and Andy

Well lets cut words and get to the point. We got One!
Evening of 20th of Feb was as predicted not just sub zero but also along the top of Quantock still had lying Snow from the big fall a couple days before. We covered most of the forest area of Quantock the main team breaking up into smaller groups. Play back (recall) was done on the half hour after teams synchronised watches or mobiles. My team covered the central to edge areas with some clear fell. We had achieved our objective on the first stop at 2030hrs, we played back for 5 mins, then listened and at 22.38 a male Long-eared Owl was heard calling and continued on for longer than 5 minutes. After last year not hearing Leo at all on Quantock, this is a great start. There are three survey nights left for Quantock all taking place at weekends. Tonight (Sat 20th is the second of the Mendip Long-eared owl surveys, and we are out and about in the central areas.
Cool dude in the Quantock forest, or self indulgence
Next week from Monday to Thursday I'm away carrying out bird surveys and Long-eared Owl surveys in forests on Dartmoor in Devon this as part of the Forestry Commission backed project. I will update the blog upon my return.
BFN And please no Snow on Dartmoor next week.

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