Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hornets the last word

OK unless they all start doing Shakespeare in the garden, this is the last Hornet item I'm doing this season. Its all proved very popular with lots of e mails still to answer and lots of confusion because the UK press have put out a big splash about the invasion in France by the Asian Giant Hornet. Because of this lots of harmless European and recently back from the brink Hornets are being squashed, smashed and nests destroyed. The best bit from this came from the British Museum who's very balanced approach was that there are in fact no reports of Giant Hornets in the UK, indeed they state that they probably won't be able to live here because of the wet and cold weather. If you do see what you think is a Giant Hornet, then just use the Google search box and write in Giant Hornet you will get lots of pictures and videos, then do the same for European Hornet and then compare the two. Interesting that in Germany the European Hornet has been protected for sometime with hefty fines given if they are destroyed, well good one you Germany, and yet again it seems we in the UK lag far behind with our wildlife education and legislation.

Full protection for the European Hornet in the UK. Where's Bug Life in all this? Comment please!

Owl surveys and re-hab monitoring next.



Gaina said...

The UK press? Don't get me started....haha. I think the phrase 'making mountains out of molehills' was created just for them!

Though I love autumn I do admit to a little twinge of sadness when you see the odd stray butterfly or bee, knowing their time is nearly up :(.

Never mind, not long till we see daffodils with the tell-tale hole in the bud to tell use the 'Bumblers' have woken up and are looking for food. :)

Gill B said...

Saw 20 or so hornets patrolling round a path near Cadbury Camp yesterday. Watched them for about 10 minutes and got close enough to take photos with my 'pocket'camera. They didn't bother us or the dogs!

Why do so many people in this country fear creatures like hornets and adders just because they have the potential to cause pain. I cut myself on the kitchen knife in the evening - it hurt! Does that mean I should throw all the knives out of the house?