Saturday, 26 September 2009

Here is the Vid of the Hornets of the HOPS

New video to come, Hornets very active, filming now!

Thanks to Gaina for the idea to use video as a way of gaining better insight to what the Hornets are doing with the Hops plant. The first part its optical zoom, then it goes to digital zoom. The camera used is a Canon PowerShot SX200 this is a stills camera with built in video, so don't expect broadcast quality. Watch for the Ant part way through, who walks by the Hornet who in tun appears to lift its leg to let the Ant go by.

Keep the support for Hornets coming! Footage taken 26.09.09 at 1000hrs, dull here in North Somerset at the moment, though mild not cold, so fair amount of Hornet activity in the garden.


Gaina said...

Fascinating. I think it's easy sometimes to regard insects as just something that flies around looking for food and occasionally stings, but when you see them working so intently like that I can't help thinking there's at least some level of intelligence in that tiny little head :).

Chris Sperring said...

Oh yes I do agree, there were several occassions today when I went very close to an individual, and it would turn in my direction and then present its head and throax. My own interpertation of this was, "that's close enough". I think that is exactly what it was comunicating.
So I agree with intelligent but also combined with a high degree of order. Again the same number 10/20 today, so it does seem that this group has the Hops job to do as appossed to hunting or guarding the nest

BTW Thanks for Video tip off.