Thursday, 17 September 2009

BBC Radio 4 Severn Estuary Programme in the Nature series

Many thanks to all those that have sent comments about the programme last night.
What is heartening is that 2 different people mentioned they would never call Herring Gull pest again, as I have always said today's pest species can easily be tomorrows scarcity, and how many species is that happening with at the moment, and yes I do mean here in the U.K.
So sorry to hear from those of you who missed the programme, well for a short period at least you can listen again to the programme at this website so no excuses now.
For production questions please go and talk to Mary Colwell at her own blog site
Mary is a top Radio and TV producer as you can see by all the awards she has won, I just do the talking.
Thanks again and keep the comments coming.


Gaina said...

I listened to your program on the BBCi player this afternoon. Very enjoyable! I wouldn't mind having a mooch on Steep Holm (or 'The Mystic Hedgehog' as I like to call it), but I strongly suspect the word 'Steep' on the title means it's not exactly wheelchair friendly :P.

Chris Sperring said...

Hi Gaina.

Thanks for the comments on the programme. I have just looked at the Steep Holm website here is a link to the section on why access is difficult

Gaina said...

Thanks Chris :). I'd be quite happy to sit on the beach, I'm sure there's plenty to look at there. Some sarnie's, a pair of binoculars and bobs' your uncle :).

...oh yeah, and *above* the tide line would be good. Once had a hairy moment on the beach at Blyth that I'm not keen to repeat :P.