Thursday, 20 August 2009

Super Owl loose in Cardiff-With a grip of steel

All Eagle Owls should go to this link to see what they can really do.
All they need to do is wear a big "S" on their fronts and pull on some underpants over their tails.
What is really worrying is in the comment section were by it is discussed that a Eagle Owl cull is already happening. I have heard of this before, I just hope its not true!

I should state here and now that this bird is obviously of captive origin, but even so to come out with myth like this does no favours for this Owl or indeed every other flying predator at all. I can only imagine how loud the laughter is coming out of the rest of Europe, at the way we in the UK think of predators.

Have a look everyone

Its funny yet sad, as Alar Broberg from Sweden stated the other day.

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