Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Update on Bristol Eagle Owl (Oscar)

Dear All. After the news that Oscar the Eagle Owl (Bristol's very own one bird pest control unit) had been re-captured over Xmas, came the news all you Eagle Owl fans wanted to hear, in an e mail from the BOC's Ed Drewitt this morning. Thanks Ed..

Oscar is Back!


Gaina said...

Haha am I correct in assuming that he went back to an owner and nicked off again!? *rolf*

He must prefer the scenery and fine dining that Bristol has to offer, eh?

Thanks for providing a chuckle to end my hectic day ;).

Chris Sperring said...

Hi Gaina
Only Oscar knows what really happened. The re-capture theory had gained some credibility, however his absence did coincide with the really cold weather, this would have been at a time when Rats and Squirrels would have been less active (or they certinaly were here).

I think the only real answer I can think of is "HOO Knows"!