Friday, 28 November 2008

Owl Prowl sucsess for the National Trust

Just over a week ago I did an Owl prowl for the National Trust, this in the most amazing setting of Montacute House and grounds. The rain fell throughout and this event was extremely well attended, but apart from getting wet, people were left in awe as wild Little Owls and Tawny Owls not only gave their vocal display, but also put in a appearance as well. The Tawny Owls, a Male and Female were particularly visual as they flew round the House itself, this giving magnificent views of them as they flew through the lights that illuminates the old mansion. I feel sure the Owls use these lights and the height that the house gives them. This of course for easy access to prey such as Mice and Rats. As usual on these Owl Prowls no one went away disappointed, even though it rained constantly. My very special thanks to Gemma at Montacute House for organising this Owl Prowl. And thanks to all of you who keep e mailing about Owl Prowls. Yes I'm doing more, if you want to go on one then e mail your interest and I will put you on the Owl Prowl mailing list. Also thanks for the e mail about doing Owl prowls in other areas, again no problem, just tell me what you want, where you want and how many people and we can organise something. I will do private as well as public Owl Prowls, however U.S.A is a bit far (yes I have had one request from U.S.A) unless you want to pay for the airfare, then I'm game to do it.

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