Thursday, 20 November 2008

Crewkerne RSPB Members Owl Talk

Great to see so many people at tonight's RSPB members group in Crewkerne. I did an updated Owl talk, keeping it local, but with Eagle owl added in. This because of the hype surrounding this bird. New Owl Friends were made at this talk, and it was good meet people who had made the great connection between all living things. My big thrust at the moment is that nothing lives in isolation, which of course includes us!

Friday night sees me talking in Compton Dundon, this talk is for the community in the parish, and their magnificent response during the summer 2008 when an arson attack on a farmers barn caused the young Barn Owls to be burnt to death in the fire. The concern and rallying round this community did has to be applauded and my talk tomorrow night is dedicated to them.

People and Wildlife Works....

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