Saturday, 25 October 2008

Return Of The Hornets

No they are not back, more keeping going. I did this video of them 25.10.08, they should be all dead, except for the Queens who should of course over winter in safety either in houses or holes in trees, then be ready to lay eggs the following spring. Just to re-emphasise what I say in the video, for all my life I have never witnessed so much activity of Hornets. There are apparently three nests in this one Somerset woodland, this is so good, that after such an appalling summer were even the Yellow Jackets (common wasps) have done so badly, that something so rare as the Hornet has come through this and increased its number its marvellous.
I never tire of watching them, and just sitting in front of the nest is a very special experience indeed. They remind me of something I call "passive power", this of course means they have the power and their venom is awesome yet they only use it as a last resort, were as by comparison the yellow jackets, that during the cooler autumn days will come to humans looking for food make mistakes through their sluggishness ands sting people. The Hornets don't do this they still try and feed on live prey, taking Flies, dragonflies and other such species. Almost keeping away from people. It is so strange that people who have already read my earlier bits on Hornets in this blog are so against them. I think we should have a big drive on education for this most magnificent of insects that in the end does a great job for people and at the same time increases bio-diversity by its presence. Long live the Hornets.

Apologise for the poor video quality all I can afford at the moment.

Special thanks to Dave Newton for pointing out the other nests in this one woodland.

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