Saturday, 4 October 2008

Little Owl Release Week Six. Latest observations

Here are the latest positions by calling and observation of the Little owls now 6 weeks after the release. My thanks once again to all the help from volunteers and local landowners who have helped collect this data. If you double click on the image, you will see a larger image. The V = Little owl heard calling, the O = Little owl observation. The white line denotes 1 kilometer. One of the Little owls appears to have a foot problem, how serious? We don't' know yet, however observations of it so far indicate its OK, meaning its feeding well, and flying very strongly. The weather the past week has returned to summer again, this of course means its cold, windy and wet. We are continuing to monitor at the release site, but they do appear to have abandoned this area, and so distribution is in full swing. Thanks for the e mails regarding telemetry and the pitfalls of using it within the Mendip terrain, as has been suggested maybe tracking with GPS is the way to go? Thanks again to all you Little owl fans, more will follow when we have the information.

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