Saturday, 13 September 2008

Additional note on the released Little Owls daytime observations 12 09 08

Spot the Little Owl competition, anyone who wins gets to buy me a drink!
Answer via e mail please
Very annoyed Wren, mobbing the Little Owls
I have been spotted-so hoo's watching hooo

Released Little Owl relaxed and sunbathing now the rain has stopped

Well finally the sun came out and in the morning light the Little Owls were quite active along the dry stone walls. Really good observations of one them hunting insects along the sun drenched walls, whilst another was sun bathing close to the release aviary. Small Birds including the Wren photographed gave away the position of 2 others by mobbing them. Over the course of a couple hours from 0900 to 1100 hrs they were quite active, so they are at present using the whole 24 hour period as being active, with preferences for hunting early evening from around 1700 hrs onwards. Vocalisation occurs well after dark and up until 0100 hrs, as mentioned before this vocalisation can be at times quite intense. Next period of big activity is pre dawn around 0500 hrs and then on and off up until midday. Obviously its difficult to see what they are doing after dark unless they are silhouetted, so they could be hunting right through the night. No doubt the vocalisation at night which helps me locate them is occurring at the moment because they are needing to know where each other.
Next week will be my first chance to begin carefully reducing the food I put out for them. At present I know they are all supplementing the food with what they are catching however this careful reduction in food will ensure that they catch more of their own. The weather forecast looks very promising over the next week so the timing for this next stage is perfect.

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