Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Welcome To The Wet Country

Just back from a week on Dartmoor. The scenery was stunning, that was when I could see it.
I had a week of solid rain and low cloud. There was one day when I watched the sun go by almost like there was a hole in the sky for about 2 hours. Seriously though it was great to walk the Tors. I really liked Hound Tor (Hound of the Baskervilles location) there was something about this place that was almost magical. I have promised myself a return in the Autumn and on this trip I will photograph more of the scenes and the wildlife that lives here, this time I will also take the guitar for some inspiration for new songs. We are bound to have our summer in the autumn so rain won't be a problem.
On the wildlife front there was not much on view because of the constant driving rain.
On Thursday I went to see my great friends at the Barn Owl Trust, David and Frances Ramsden. They proudly showed me the fields they have purchased through a legacy they had received and David was showing off his new barn owl box design, to which I must say both fields and boxes look really great. The Barn Owl Trust through David and Frances have always worked very hard for the cause of the barn owl there website is well worth a visit go to my links page at and have look at what they are doing, its well worth a visit.
I will leave this now just a few pictures of Dartmoor.

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