Friday, 1 August 2008

Oh No Not My Blog

Well look at me. Said I would never do it and now here it is. The Chris Sperring Blog spot.
My thanks to my friend Jenny Holden at Cumbria Wildlife Trust for pushing me into this.
I will try and update this blog often as I now think this is a marvelous way of sharing some of things I get up to with others. However I'm off soon to Dartmoor to photograph Dippers paddle in a river and chill out etc.
I have some news, in that August 2nd I'm playing Indiana Jones in a game of Its A Knock Out, this is raising money for the Wildlife Rescue charity Secret World.
Also some great news for those followers of my work with Hawk and Owl Trust, (oh just realised I'm not allowed to tell anyone about that yet) On the music front we are still trying to pull the band together Lizzie Brown has now joined us on vocals, but its all my fault that we have not practised much of late, I have managed to find some time to write some new songs.
The owl breeding season goes on and on, I find myself either at the top of a tree or chasing Voles through the long grass. I will blog more when I return from Dartmoor.

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Ora said...

Good for people to know.