Saturday, 23 August 2008

Little Owl Release: The second night of freedom.

No pictures tonight. I did do some audio but don't know how to upload a Wav file on to the blog (any help gratefully received).
Just a short update to say that all Little Owls are present and correct, and they have hardly moved away, the furthest I have seen any of them from the release site is around 200 metres.
When I arrived on site to put their food on the hack board 5 of them were back inside the aviary. No they were not waiting for food, according to the land owner they had all been around outside but come the later part of the morning were back inside. This is great, just what I wanted and means everything is going according to plan. They have indeed been out and about, it will take them time to establish roost sites outside and to get used to local dangers such as Crows etc. Just to reiterate this soft release method gives them the chance to establish being self supporting. I will reduce the food I give them if the weather stays good in about 7 days time by then they should be beginning to sort out their new surroundings. Its also great that the others are roosting outside yet really close by. Indeed they only showed themselves after I had retreated from the hack board and had waited hidden for over half an hour. I will continue monitor and update as the days pass.

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